About us

BioPox srl is a biotech company devoted to develop smart, sustainable and marketable bio-based products and processes for industry. Founded in 2011 by a skilled team of scientists specialized in biochemistry, molecular biology, fermentation and downstream processing, BioPox was conceived to bridge the gap between Research and Industry by developing innovative solutions to integrate or partially substitute traditional chemical processes with bio-based ones.

Joining together the long-term experience on characterizing fungal oxidative enzymes gained by its research team with the ever-increasing demand of these enzymes in several industrial applications, BioPox launches on the market a range of oxidative enzymes-based products, offering cost-effective biocatalyst formulations and a specialized consultancy service to meet the requirements of several lines of industrial activities i.e. pulp and paper bleaching, polymers functionalization, wastewater disposal, textile  and food sectors.

BioPox is also a profitable premier providing of "on-demand" recombinant proteins, offering a complete package to its customers, from gene cloning to protein expression, purification and product characterization. Optimization of each step of production process assures the highest product quality at the lowest price.

BioPox mission is to develop “green tools” for the shifting from the actual chemical industrial era into the new biotechnological one. 

                                                 Our green revolution starts here