BioPox develops bio-based innovative solutions for industry by providing:

On demand production of native or recombinant proteins:

BioPox custom recombinant protein services provide a comprehensive portfolio of protein expression systems, including bacteria, yeasts and filamentous fungi.

Specialized and qualified consultancy service for custom-designed products for industry
Thanks to its long term experience in bioprocess development, BioPox team helps you in finding state of art solutions and cost effective applications to integrate or partially susbtitute traditional chemical processes with bio-based ones. A constant know-how upgrading and a continous professional training are our strenght to deliver projects in a satisfactory manner.

Lab testing of new processes and products refining on the basis of customer's demand:
Our advanced facilities are at our service to verify successes and drawbacks of new designed bioprocesses and to further improve them.


                                                              Our ideas are at your service